Huge limitation of the OM-D

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Re: Sorry, ZoranC is above providing examples

ZoranC wrote:

453C wrote:

ZoranC wrote:

453C wrote:

Beats me. I've seen no evidence that you own one.

We have seen no evidence that you have a brain either so we are even.

No proof of ZoranC's D700 ownership? Check!

Does this work for you, dumbo?

Now, it's your turn to prove you have brain after all. Picture of cross cut view will be accepted.

Awwwwww, another insulting post from you. A photo of a D700 is a start!

Of course, it doesn't address your claim that your "need for ISO lower than 200 / shutter faster than 1/8000 is far from ocassional". Please post some examples of this to illustrate your point. Also, what do you think about this list of cameras that don't offer 1/8000?
Add the Leica M9 to that list.

No one, not a single person here, has said that ISO 100 + 1/8000 is useless. What has been questioned is how much of a problem it really is in real life, since the opening of the thread claimed it was a "Huge limitation of the OM-D". Workarounds have been offered, and analysis of similar cameras has shown 1/4000 is very common. Heck, I've even said it would be swell. Requests for example photos have gone ignored, even after the apparent availability of those photos shouldn't be a problem - "far from occasional", remember? If you don't want the veracity of your hyperbole to be questioned, back it up with something more than insults and more opinions, or stop making outrageous statements.

ZoranC , why do you do this? Plenty of other people can have discussions about many topics without hurling insults with every post. Plenty of others take the time to explain their opinions and support them with more than insults and more opinions. You rarely go beyond issuing a harsh opinion as fact, then attack anyone that disagrees with you. Support your statements with evidence and maybe we'll all learn something from you.

I believe most people here enjoy a good discussion in order to learn more about photography and MFT, and supporting statements with some form of evidence is often crucial for people to learn something. The only reason I can see for your behavior is that you just like to be a rude, insulting person that believes everything they say is the absolute truth, but I'd welcome evidence to the contrary.

People routinely disagree without any of the nastiness you display. Are you capable of that, or is this the best we can expect from you? I've seen you occasionally make a constructive post that wasn't dripping with venom, so I know you can do better if you want. Go ahead, prove me wrong, and show everyone you're better than this.

Or continue being one of the nastiest people on MFT Talk. It's up to you.

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