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Update on FT1 adapter

Finally caved in and bought one. Might be a while before we get more native lenses.

Native lenses are always better. And, I didn't expect much from the $270 adapter.

The good: Some lenses work well with N1. The small primes (35mm and 50mm 1.8) are great. Fast AF and great resolution. Much better than the present lenses. Flash and metering works fine.

The bad: Some lenses work badly. The heavy 105mm VR macro is almost uselessly slow. The Tamron 17-50 VC will not work properly. The camera sounds a focus confirmation beep. But, the lens motor drives on past. The camera and lens do not sync properly.

A number of caveats. Often, the AF confirmation sounds but is OOF. Must check the review to manually confirm. The large Nikkor lenses obscured the AF assist light. Bummer!

The 16-85 works sweetly. But, does not represent a conventional focal range. Might be useful as a travel lens (substitute for 30-110). The 70-300 works fine. But, results at the long end is unreliable. Stick to 70-200 range.

In general, the adapter lenses work only when the light is a stop better than with the present native lenses. Really needs contrasty subject to work on.

Don't forget to switch AF to SINGLE before you attach the adapter.

Looks like Nikon rushed the N1 to market. Hope that Nikon will make a lot of improvements.

Conclusion: The N1+FT1 seems to improve as you work it more. The camera is learning. But, the present system will not replace a D300 etc. Nor, should we expect an inexpensive camera to do the job of a prosumer camera. The FT1 is useful, but selectively.

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