Roughly Speaking: Do you want 20 MP or 40 MP in the new 5D?

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Re: you can't have the 1D+ for half its price

David_C wrote:

I'm a generalists photographer, I photograph a little bit of everything, portraits, landscape, micro, sports, etc.

So I would like a generalists camera body.
22mp ( I would trade MP for FPS)

that would then be 16MP, a generalist wouldn't care about upping megapixels

61 pro AF (Canon really needs to strp-up here, the 5D2 isn't kown for its AF, Nikon has been putting pro AF in its lower bodies for years, Canon should too, think of the wedding photographer in the dark church, why does that photographer have to lug around a giant 1D brick of a body just to get proper consistant AF.)

A generalist does not need a pro-grade AF. 60D's AF would be suitable for any generalist.

8 FPS, with Digit 5+....if you want faster there's the 1Dx I'm willing to trade MP for FPS.

5FPS is more then enough for somebody that just occasionaly needs burst shots

Dual Card Slots, even Nikon's D7000 $1200 has dual card slots. I would use this to write copies to the second card, or for video. Dual is proper security for a wedding photographer. One of the main buyers of this camera.

No need for dual slots. Chances for data corruption is something a generalist should live with.

Proper bracketing.

Generalist already have fine bracketing

All the video goodies, I'm a supporter of video in DSLRs.

Then you should by a proper videocamera instead of a DSLR

Pop-up flash commander to trigger my 580s.

Sorry Canon most probably won't fulfill your whislist.

What you want is available in the 1D X. So I think Canon wants you to upgrade to its flagship camera.

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