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Re: Nevermind: I tested it, D3x -> 12mp is much better!

powertoold wrote:

So I used the IR sample pictures and resized the D3x to 12mp, and it looks A LOT better than the native D700 picture!

A couple of years ago, when Lloyd Chambers first got his D3x, he shot a beverage bottle with that and the D3, and resized the D3x output to 12MP. The text on the label was clean and smooth with the D3x, and fragmented with the D3.

When I first got my D3x and first started working with it, I was amazed at the amount of extra high frequency detail I was seeing in web-sized images, in hair, skin, foliage, textures of all kinds.

At the very least, a difference in AA filters has something to do with it. When I posted the question at LL, Erik Kaffehr ran some MTF graphs on different methods of downsizing versus native capture, and there clearly was a difference, but we're not certain of all the factors that contribute to it. Oversharpening can contribute to a false higher MTF as well.

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