Backlash against the Sony Roadmap

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the concept of "just enough"

I do not disagree with you that having a small, but powerful system is desirable. I too would love to have one. But I am also looking at it from the standpoint of Sony. If I were Sony, would I spend all my R&D and time building a pancake and how big is this market going to be. As a strategist, I also know I have 2 good entrenched players, Olympus, and Panasonic. Will I waste my resources on a smaller market? Wouldn't it be more prudent to hit the most no of people that will benefit my lens? Who does a 20 f1.8 or 35 f1.4 or 18-50 pancake target? Will a portraiture photographer get one? Will a wedding event shooter get one?

And yet, if I build an 18-50 f2.8 OSS guess how many people it will matter to! How about an 80 f1.8 OSS, or 55-210. See how many types of photography and thus equating to more people being affected by such lenses even if they are not pancakes. There is just a thing as "just enough" and for many, there is just enough "small" and truly small such as pancakes. But the people have voted. They'd like function and utility first before cosmetic desirability. If this simple fact were not true, the samsung NX series is in the top 3

Again, history is a guide. After 4/3 and m4/3, how long did any of these 2 companies make their own pancake and small lenses? Were they able to release one in just a year or 2? Remember, the NEX is just about 1.5 years old. One reason why panny started rolling out their line-up is because they already have the most commonly used and desired FL's covered. And that took more than 2 years to build. With these clear lessons, why do some people expect Sony to immediately come out with pancakes? Again, Samsung has a pancake, has small lenses, why is it lagging?

It is clear, that though lenses are important, to gain market share, it's the camera body that has to capture the imagination of buyers. It is very clear that size is not as important as some people thinl. And that in "small" there is "just enough small" and acceptable enough size that it need not be as small as pancakes or some other lenses of competing products. What is important is the performance, function, of the body with the most often desired FLs for their type of photography. To go primes and pancakes on the get go would be a big mistake for Sony who is definitely in a catch-up mode.

I have no doubt in my mind, that in time, Sony will make small lenses. Miniturization is one of its suit in the past. But in a battle of market share, you have to hit the spot(s) that matter most to your target market. When I saw the revised lens roadmap, even without the specifics, I know they will resonate with more photographers because the lenses will hit many types of photography. This is not any different with what Olympus did years back with 4/3 and now m4/3 or Panasonic. Even if you look at the equiv FL of the Sony J1/V1 lenses, they indicate the same goal. To do it the other way,as the few people here have wanted, is to ignore what has successfully been done before and fail to learn that that strategy may not be good. One has only to look at Samsung's NX line.

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