Manual focusing "aids"

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Re: Manual focusing "aids"

correos wrote:

-What do you mean by "These days, the Oly and Pany EVF's use only the electronic analog to ground glass focusing..."? I only see a picture in the LCD screen...

He is alluding to old no-prism reflexes, like Practika and Roillei, that just had a ground-glass screen and a little magnifier in the hood. That was my reaction too, but at least the view is the right way round........

-Re composition and focusing, the GF3 has a MF assist which is interesting although it does not work for me. It shows you the full image/composition on the LCD, with only a small magnified bit (which you can chose by tapping on the screen) being magnified. My problem is that the small bit is too small for me to focus.

The GF-1 has a magnified area covering the whole screen and two levels of magnification at that. It's not that bad and you can turn it off with half pressure on the shutter. I don't think the manual tells you about the last bit, which is no surprise. You may find your camera has a better system than you think.

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