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Re: battery life...

Logge wrote:

Christian Wagner wrote:

Many mirrorless cams are shockingly fast at AF now. 1D fast? No, but rebel fast.

disagree, some mirrorless are pretty good at initial lock, but most can't properly track a moving subject, espacially not from shot to shot during a burst. as said the nikon 1 still is the only mirrorless with AF comparable to a DSLR.

Not those with OVF's or those with quick sleep modes and instant wake ups (just like SLR's)

there are none with OVFs that show you any information (the overlay on the fuji x100 OVF actually drains more power than the EVF). and while those quick start modes etc do help, you still need the camera running for the whole composition process, while a DSLR needs virtually no power during that time.

Please show some proof of this.

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