15-85 vs 18-135 comparison shots - what's your opinion?

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Re: 15-85 vs 18-135 comparison shots - what's your opinion?

A few observations:

1: You already have a lot of good advice here.

2: The EFS 18-135 IS was viciously and quite erroneously jumped on before its actual release, and at its delivery, by people who were just waiting to call something junk. Most of those people are quiet on that subject now. If it were anything like that bad, Canon would not be crippling the 7D's they sell with this lens, and so many people would not be defending this lens in recent times.

3: Although your handheld shots are good, I see no reason to introduce potential error by not using a tripod.

4: I have owned both the 15-85 and the 18-135 since each was available in my market. Although I use the 15-85 as my favored lens, I have plenty of comparable shots with the 18-135.

5: My 15-85 has been to Canon two times for misfocusing on faces. It seems to be as good as it is going to get. It still misbehaves intermittently on facial shots, but it is otherwise very satisfying when it focuses correctly. I also accept the terrible zoom creep, the worst I have ever seen on any lens. Canon adamantly refused to address and attempt to correct that on both trips to their service dept.

5: I have used, but have never owned, the 24-105L quite a few times. That, I believe, is the one Canon in this zoom range which is somewhat over-rated, and is certainly not a good value.

Good Luck with your course of action. It is an imperfect world.


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