taking pics of indoor concert

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Re: taking pics of indoor concert

Try and get close enough that you can use the wider angle portion of the lens. Shoot in aperture priority mode and select the lowest f-stop number you can. You'll need to bump up the ISO to capture enough light. Shoot in RAW, and know that you'll have some noise.

Use software like Lightroom to reduce the noise. Lightroom III is like $140 on Amazon right now because LR 4 is on the way. Speaking of a $100 fix, get the Canon 50mm f1.8 for $105. Shooting with a fast lens really makes a difference. This lens is the best bang for the buck, everyone should have this 50mm prime. They also have a f1.4 for around $350. Lenses like this can practically see in the dark!
Canon EOS 7D

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