My views, my kit and my plans...

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My views, my kit and my plans...

So in todays world of every camera release resulting in people siding on the good or bad side of a fence, how about taking a break and realising what we have taken for granted.

I have long used 43rds, the E-500 was my first DSLR (and SLR for that matter). In October I opted to expand to video, my first option was the E-P3 but due to cost and ultimately value I picked the E-PL3.

My much loved E-500 was capable of "only" ISO 1600, which at the time was great. The shots I took in low light worked, some still stand out above what I get now. I sold this camera and wish I never had...

It was also great to have a nice light and small kit that produced great results.

Now, I shoot with my E-30, E-PL3 or E-P1. All of which exceed this ISO 1600, which we all take for granted now...

Film speeds never got cleaner for a given ISO, if you wanted ISO 1600 you dealt with the noise.

Yet we expect year on year improvements with digital, if its not got less noise its useless or if its not the "latest" tech its useless...
So when we get the latest tech, people then complain about the price...
We just don't get a break...

So this new camera may not be using the newest tech, or have the best features of any system camera in existence... But it is an amazing bit of kit, metal body, new IS system, improved AF, built-in viewfinder at 120fps (most TV shows in the UK are 25fps interlaced at 50Hz), compact, lightweight (considering the construction materials)

oh and not to forget, splash and dust resistant seals to make it a go anywhere at anytime camera.

All for £1150 with a kit lens!

Which to me sounds like a nice deal, just wait for the price to drop a few months after release and its a winner. (until then I can continue using my cameras anyway)

So stop the complaining and realise that Olympus are offering a camera to those who want it and many people will buy it for many reasons. Or you can just jump ship, sell you camera and lenses and buy something else... (i will be waiting on fleabay for the auctions...)

Where do I come into this grand picture, I have a fair investment in four thirds (both DSLR and PEN) and this new camera strikes a suitable path forward. As it shows commitment by Olympus and we are bound to see more OM-D kit emerging in the future.

But no matter what happens, my current kit wont stop working just because the new kit has been announced...
So I will continue to shoot with:

E30, 14-45, 40-150, 70-300, 10-20, 50mm OM, lensbaby 3G, 25mm pancake, EP1, EPL3, 17mm pancake, 14-42, 7.5mm fisheye, FL-36, FL-50R and lots of accessories

Some recent pics, just to add some more insight into my photography.

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