"Real" E-M5 cost may be closer to $1800?

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Re: You don't need all that

Steven Wandy wrote:

W A Stewart wrote:

You do need a FT adapter for the 14-54mm II, which autofocuses pretty well on prior mFT cameras. You don't need to worry about MF. Just turn the focus ring and the image will enlarge for focusing; it's easy to set that preference. So if you have that lens it's $999 for the body (US, currently) plus an adapter - either the weather sealed one (about $180; I should remember as I pre-ordered) or go with knockoffs from Hong Kong.

I was under the impression that the "manual focus aid" (magnification of the view) only worked with native m4/3 lenses, not the native 4/3 lenses with an adapter.

At least with the Panasonic GH-2, the "manual focus aid" works perfectly with the Olympus 50 macro and the Panasonic 4/3-micro 4/3 adapter...


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