Pre-ordered D800E -- big mistake -- for studio photographers only

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Steve Bingham
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Re: misleading comments by Nikon

calson wrote:

Switch to the D800 now and avoid any headaches or regrets later. Not likely to see a real world difference in your prints as compared to the D800E.

Moire is created when photographing subjects with regularly repeating parallel lines. Think of a striped tie or a fence with slats or a fishing net. It happens but it is relatively rare unless you photograph people all the time and deal with men with ties and pin-stripped shirts or women with dresses made from material with repeating linear patterns.

Studio photographers of people are more likely to encounter Moire. Specular highlights are something entirely different and we (outside of Nikon) do not know how much of a problem this is likely to be or in what circumstances and with which subjects.

The D800 is the safe choice for most photographers and I would expect that 99% of the photographers with later regrets will be the ones who bought the D800E and not those who bought the D800.

There is an old saying that the pioneers are the folks with the arrows in their backs. In this case the early adopters of the D800E may find that they made the wrong choice but we are months away from knowing one way or the other.

True. The D800e is not for newbies. You need to have a REAL reason for going with the D800e and you better have a good foundation in post processing when trouble comes a-knocking.

Having said that, you can alsways grow into it, but be ready to get real serious.
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