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Great Bustard wrote:

Ben_Egbert wrote:

As I said, for downsampled photos displayed on the web, sharpening is a "necessary" part of the process. As for printing, I'm not sure. Perhaps if the original photo were made with so many pixels that the limits of the lens acted as the AA filter so the sensor could safely not need an AA filter, then, perhaps, no sharpening would be needed. Then again, maybe the printing process "requires" it, even if it's behind-the-scenes in the RIP.

SmugMug downsizes and resharpens. I will not play that stupid game ever again. If I had to, I would shot small jpg and post it right out of the camera.

I process my fullsize photos for print, then use a program (Arles) to resample for web display, and I have it resample at the size I wish the photo displayed. Depending on the photo, I have to change the amount of sharpening it applies in the resampling process.

I have to do my taxes, but I don't have to resize and resharpen for web.

It depends on what your intent is. If that intent is to make your photos look "good enough" for web display, well, yeah, you have to resharpen when you downsample or set the sharpening parameters in the downsampling process.

If your intent is to just get a photo up on the web, well, just upload it and let the web software do its thing.

I don't know much about SmugMug, as I use pbase, but with pbase, using "original", it displays the original photo uploaded, but with other display sizes ("small", "medium", and "large"), pbase does resample, and that resampling process is beyond my control.

I had everything 2000 + at Pbase when they crashed a couple years back. I reworked everything and put it on SM.

I can do my normal sharpening (AA and creative) and upload a full size jpg to SM. Then they take care of resizing and sharpening. I have control over the sharpening but I do it globally. At Pbase you had to link original or the image was messed up as I recall.

Anyway, I have a printer program (Qimage) that takes care of resizing and sharpening for print, so I never need to do resize for output sharpening for web or print. For wallpaper I simply downsize and apply my monitor profile. It never needs any sharpening and I am the only one to see it.

I like SM and think its as good as any of the 10 or so plug-ins and actions I have accumulated over the years.

For sharpening in the last 3 months, I have used Smartsharpen 300,0.3,0 and then a USM 50,12,1

This is about the lightest sharpening I have ever done since I started sharpening. I used to mask the sky when sharpening, but have never needed to with this.

But today I got a formula for ACR that I like and its almost identical in result. I like it because it will sharpen when I do raw convert and save a step.

When you saw my over sharpened work, I was using Topaz which can do a lot of sharpening without halos. I got carried away in the quest for non existing resolution. I got lots of pop at the expense of fine detail. I have not reworked all 2500 plus images I now have at SM so a lot are still oversharpened.

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The degree of post processing required is proportional to the maturity of the technology. Zero would be ideal.



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