RE: Clarification, X10 ability to add specific features cumulatively

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RE: Clarification, X10 ability to add specific features cumulatively

Hoboken Michelle wrote:

Could someone or several people please confirm whether I would be able to cumulatively add the following features with the X10 (thus multiple effects) or whether I only have a choice among them. Remember I do not own the camera, do not the have the time at the moment to visit my key places in NYC (across the River) to test out the camera, do not have a car, and am a bit confused after scanning the manual online and not fully realizing if I might be missing the same features in the buried submenus.

Sorry if the question might be a bit idiotic or something, you are free to call me a bimbo if I do deserve it

I know that bracketing may be a mode/scene or whatever but maybe there is a submenu(s) that allows for multiple activations. So, to clarify and elaborate can one shot and/or one set of high speed continuous shots have two or more of these features activated at the same moment/set of continous shots:

1) AE bracketing
2) Film Simulation bracketing
3) Dynamic Range bracketing
4) ISO bracketing
5) Intelligent Digital Zoom
6) Color Saturation reduction

You have to pick from ONE of the first four options (called drive modes) above. You cannot do AE bracketing AND dynamic range (for example). So only one option can be selected. You can select reduced color saturation and one of the drive modes.

I HATED the samsung tl500 with all its crap restrictions "can't do this if you do this, can't do that if you do this and that" especially concerning RAW

There are an ENORMOUS number of restrictions using an EXR camera like the X10. Far, FAR more than any Samsung. None of the restrictions make sense (especially the crazy shutter speeds!) Someone on this group produced a spreadsheet that listed the modes and their restrictions. It is an enormous 10 X 10 page, at least.

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