AA filter question - Joe?

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Re: AA filter question - Joe?

Ben_Egbert wrote:

I have a simple formula: whatever I think looks good.

That only works if you trust your own judgement more than everyone else in the world on the subject of sharpness.

You do know who you're speaking to, right?

In fact the best way out of this is to never post an image.

Doesn't sound like a "solution" to me.

Not for sharpness which is nebulous at best but it is a solution to the fallout.

Anyway, I will try this for a month or so and let you know how its working.

Well, as you know, I feel the photos you post are usually oversharpened.

Have you looked lately? Any less would be raw.

All the photos I've seen of yours were resized for web, and I would be surprised if there were no sharpening going on in the downsampling process. That said, I took a glance through your thread:


Interestingly, I find the foreground oversharpened and the background undersharpened. Again, this is merely my opinion.

The degree of post processing required is proportional to the maturity of the technology. Zero would be ideal.

As I said, for downsampled photos displayed on the web, sharpening is a "necessary" part of the process. As for printing, I'm not sure. Perhaps if the original photo were made with so many pixels that the limits of the lens acted as the AA filter so the sensor could safely not need an AA filter, then, perhaps, no sharpening would be needed. Then again, maybe the printing process "requires" it, even if it's behind-the-scenes in the RIP.

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