How to do a shirt catalog shot like this?

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Re: How to do a shirt catalog shot like this?

Peter is correct. I work for a photographer who does this all the time for Nordstrom.

Generally tissue is folded over and used to line the garment. The garment is then laid down on top of foam core, and pins are inserted at key points (around 10-20 per garment). U can then raise the fabric up along the pins to create natural looking wrinkles or texture. Doing this is something of an art form... an experienced stylist will run around $700 per day, and you we always notice on shoots when we have a stylist who really knows what they are doing.

You shoot almost straight down, and lighting usually involves a hard light above and to the side of the camera to create a semi-defined shadow on the white board. A diffusion screen can be used for softer shadows. A fill is needed as well. Sometimes several other side lights (soft) might also be brought in. Often times a separate shot is done for shadow density on the white board, and one for shadow density in the fabric itself.

Peter Berressem wrote:

This style is called 'flat roughened' layware, spread out and styled very carefully. There are stylists specialised on preparing those but you can of course try for yourself. Or get someone handy at arranging cloth - mosty female

You'll need a steamer, needles, cotton wool etc. for stuffing and sometimes insert wire to bend arms to where it's best.

You'll have noticed that the lighting style at present is a mix of strong sidelights which emphasize the structure and a frontal fill light.

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cheers, Peter

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