D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: Pro lenses are not always the solution

mfbernstein wrote:

Fullframer wrote:

Unfortunately you are going to need PRO glass to get the best results, esp at 36mp. My advice is to buy the pro lens first, spend the $$ on the glass always, then at a later time get the D800 body. I know a guy that bought a $5k D3 and used crappy glass on it, since his budget was only $6k. He should have gotten a D700 and put diff towards a pro lens.

Strongly disagree. I have several $300-400 lenses that perform as well as the most expensive 'pro' lenses on my D700.

The primary problem I have with pro lenses though is that they are almost invariably quite large and quite heavy. No doubt if you're being paid, or shooting events, or have a tripod handy, big lenses can be useful. And there are even people who prefer them.


But I'm not one of those people, and I suspect I am far from alone. I happily sold my Nikon 24-70/2.8 and 70-200/2.8 VR last year and I have no plan to ever purchase another 'gold ringed' Nikkor or the other-brand equivalent again. Big lenses do not suit my shooting style, and wide-aperture performance is not something I need regularly. For those occasions when it does matter, mid-grade primes work just fine.

I agree with both the big zooms and primes. I use both. My point was not to buy an expensive high resolution camera and put cheap slow consumer glass on it.

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