Canon Mark3 OVER D800

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Re: Canon Mark3 OVER D800

I really know how you feel. I went from 5D classic to 1DsMkII and would not buy the 5DMkII due to the shadow noise.

I guess I will wait and see if the rumours of the MkIII for early march pan out. Unless Canon comes up with a serious no holds barred body like the D800 (not talking about just pixels) I will make the switch as soon as funds permit.


Cineski2 wrote:

I'm a Canon shooter. Like a good amount of Canon shooters, I'm feeling very frustrated with what Canon's current lineup is. I still shoot with the 5D1 because after testing the 5D2 I personally didn't feel like spending $5k on two new bodies that were in my opinion not really an upgrade aside from resolution. In some ways, with the infamous shadow noise and from my experience slower auto focus that is becoming a Canon pro-sumer staple it was a step back.

There are a lot of people considering switching to Nikon right now, myself being one of them. That said, if Canon can get their heads together and give us a 5D3 with clean shadows to stay together through post production, a choice of mid resolution and ultra high resolution (split the 5D series), clean ISO 12,800 with depth, auto focus that's not insulting, and a good bit less crippled features of Canon's insulting marketing game I'd firmly consider staying in Canonland.

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