Does the 18-55's stabilization matter at 18mm?

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Re: Does the 18-55's stabilization matter at 18mm?

turnstyle wrote:

gfrensen wrote:

The rule of thumbs is that you can get sharp pictures when using an exposuretime of 1/FL of a second. FL is the effective FL, so for a 24 mm lens that will be about 1/36th of a second.

btw, I've always wondered: regarding that rule of thumb, does is assume a specific f-stop? Seems like it must, right? If so, what f-stop?

No there is no specific F-stop for this rule f rthumbs, as it ony tells us about (un)sharpness due to camera shake, not sharpness by DOF.

So does IS works at 18 mm work? Yes! Will it be practical? I think other ways to take cqare of camera shake (like a tripod, a flash or even higher ISO will be more practical...

Alas, no tripod underwater...

Or when jumping from an aeroplane, or...

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