The Reasons I Am Going with a D4

Started Feb 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jord Regular Member • Posts: 241
Re: The Reasons I Am Going with a D4

I'm going for the D4 it has backlit buttons I'm professionally and really over my five years planned lifecycle of the D4 the cost is not an issue.

The D800 looks superb as well and I'm sure I'll get one to replace my D700 sometime in the future.

Why do people feel the need to knock the choices of others - yes the D4 is expensive but as a professional tool it will cost me less than stationery over a five year period.

The D800 if initial reports are correct has re-wrote the rule book. Big resolution and amazing low light.

We are truly lucky to have the options and I can't wait to see what Canon bring out (I'm not mocking) as I expect the mk111 will also be a jaw dropping camera.

Let all just enjoy our cameras - my D700 is still an amazing beast

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