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Re: Ben - you are good!

Hi Ben,

Been following your threads, but keeping quiet. You used to include the following in your signature:

When you can't focus, nothing else matters
Once you can, everything else does. /

I wondered who the author was (guessing it was you), but thought it was appropriate to your mind set.

Your new signature quote A well focused image should require zero sharpening. is certainly not true for digital captures , so I would recommend that you go back to your old saying, or simply forget about a quotation. The last part (There is no more hateful thing than sharpening an image because once its required, there is no standard and no limit.) articulates your personal demons and highlights your blind spot -- mixing science with art (even though you like to characterize your work as mainly without art, the very fact that you hang and frame your work exposes the lie in that assertion).

Everything about a photograph involves making judgement calls using standards completely in the mind of the photographer.

Also, you like to say that when shooting film, an image was either sharp or not. That's not true. A Kodachrome slide might have looked sharp even when magnified in a 10x loupe, but it was in fact not. We just never had the opportunity to scrutinize it in the detail available to us today.

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