D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: Be Careful With Samyang/Rokinon

The 85mm is usable wide open, but increases in sharpness much less than other 85mms when stopping down. Meaning you won't ever get biting sharpness, but you will get acceptable results. But the Samyang one of the smoothest OOF renderings I've ever seen, incredible bokeh.

gatorowl wrote:

I have several Samyang/Rokinon lenses, and they are a mixed bag.

I think that the 14mm and 35mm lenses are the stars of the brand. Both lenses get good reviews and my copies are excellent. However, the 85mm gets mixed reviews, which might suggest a QC issue. I have a copy, but I haven't tested it enough to have an opinion.

Lenstip.com has a review of the new 24mm lens, and it is disappointing to say the least.

Hopefully, they will try again at 20mm and do a better job.

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