D800 - best budget lenses?

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rhlpetrus wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Both arguments are false, because the final optical quality is not either lens or camera, it is the combination of both. Putting a good lens in front of a low resolution camera improves its performance with respect to a worse lens, putting a high resolution camera behind a poor lens improves its resolution with respect to a low resolution camera.

Truth is, to get the absolute best you need high res camera and high res lens, but an average lens will perform better on a D800 than it will on a D700 (or D4). In a real sense, those need the best lens to get results, while the D800 doesn't.

The MTF below indicate that at D3x res the two lenses perform relatively close in the upper range of 14-24 (21-24, 21-28 on 16-35). Would the D800 show the 16-35mm limitations, not clearly shown here in that range? I think at 16mm or 35mm, the cheaper lens will suffer a lot, it already did with D3x.



Hi Renato,

Yes, the quality difference between the lenses will increase, but both will do better than they do on a lower resolution camera. As always, the pixellophobes are deploying a glass half empty argument. The fact that the poorer lenses don't get as much better as the better ones means you have to have the better ones, in their eyes.

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