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I think noise reduction hasn't been correctly answered

Sigma Nick wrote:

I recently picked up a 5d2 since I switched to Canon and now I have a 1d2 and a 5d2. I have a couple quick questions that aren't very clear in the owners manual.

1.) In camera noise reduction is not applied to full size RAW files? Yes or NO? from my test shots I'd say No. ( developing in LR3)

The reason I am answering your message is that I believe the answer most people have given you on this point is not entirely correct.

With images that have an exposure time of 1 second or less Canon never applies no noise reduction to RAW files.

However, when the exposure time is 1.3 seconds or longer, and if you have selected Custom Function C.Fn II-1, Long exposure noise reduction , the camera will do a double exposure: first it records the image with the shutter open, then with the shutter closed (so-called "black image" ). Then the camera subtracts the "black image" from the actual image. The result is recorded into the RAW and/or JPEG file (and if I'm wrong here, please someone correct me!). The upshot is that this method will greatly reduce "leakage" noise while not causing any of the smearing or loss of detail you'd normally associate with noise reduction, so on image quality grounds it's a clear win. The bad news is that it will double your exposure time: a 10-second exposure will now take 20 seconds. I usually keep the noise reduction option on unless in a hurry.

5.) What is your preferred low ISO setting for outdoor daytime portraits? 50,100,200? What ISO do you think gives the best dynamic range?

ISO 100 is the native 5D Mark II sensitivity and gives the highest dynamic range.

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