Canon Mark3 OVER D800

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Re: Canon Mark3 OVER D800

tomboy wrote:

As of now the Canon 5d Mark3 with 22 million pixels having 7 frames a second

Somebody who needs 36MP surely isn't in need for a 7FPS camera, at least I am not

AT FULL FRME// i expect a lot better low noise from 5dmark3 than what the d800 provides at ISO 3200 and 6400

That remains to be seen. Looking at the 1D X hi-resolution sample files its not the thing many where expected to see. Lots of people complaining at the Canon forum being very disappointed.

Sample files of the D800 at 3200 and 6400 have proven to be very usable at 3200 and 6400 ISO. No real need to go even higher.

also canon 5d mark3 will have improved auto focusing than 5dmark2 as well

That remains to be seen too. Don't expect to see 1D X AF in the 5D2 as it would outperform the 1D X itself. At best the 5D2 will get 7D's AF. Which is still nowhere professional but performs OK. Most 5D2 users would be happy to get that AF over its current system.

i wished Nikon d800 was 22 million pixels with same 8 frames a second with grip with same low noise as d700 ..

At base ISO D800 seems to perform better then D700 and at high ISO noise is more or less the same. You should take a look at the samples that Nikon provides. How is that with Canon? Where one can only look at those after you've bought the camera?

i have both Nikon and canon

I just made the decision to switch from Canon to Nikon, and with good reasons.
A D800 is on order.

i am not sold in Nikon d800 low noise at iso 3200 and 6400

What did you expect 36MP and stellar high ISO performance?
I think the D800 performs as expected and even better than I had hoped for.

that was my biggest concern

No its not. You are insecure and thats why you come to make a complaint about a product that you would like to own for yourselve, but Canon is probably not be willing to make. And you know that they are not willing to make such a camera.

and i am not one to carry two camera around with me

I am, and so are many others.

Just wondering how many TEND to buy canon 5dmark3 than d800

Not many, you'll probably see a lot of switchers over the comming month. Nikon might sell D800 with a loss (nobody knows), but will profit from lens sales from people like me, who make the switch.

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