FZ150 Birds, Butterfly's, and Flowers

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Re: Great shots, queries here; Thanks.


many many thanks for the very promt response and the efforts put in to cut out the 100% crops.

I state that u have a real steady pair of hands! and the crops are real sharp.

related to my other queries, I have already found out;
1. -150 saves in 4bit/pixel in JPG fine ( from a set of photos on flickr)

2.- It has the same flash blackout problem as the - 50 due to long zoom lens, or, less rise than required for the pop up unit.

based upon my experience with -50 I suggest 2 u the following;

for long zoom shots, use only the AF mode -II,( focuses only when shutter pressed/just before exposure) rather than Conti focus (AF-I), my experience shows far bettr shrp pics. It will also give u long motor ,battery life as the camera will not just keep focusing
all the time when u are not actullay taking shots.

Ur shots are going to help me taking a decision about which camera to buy, whether FZ- 150 or the new Fuji Xs-1. with 4bits/pixel by default it is going to beat the fuji one which is 3.2bit/pixel as it should give us about 15-18 % more dynamic range in digital o/p.

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