What Lenses Will Work with the D800E???

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Re: All primes and the 2.8 zooms is my guess (nt)

I would expect that. Just being a bit sarcastic, seems whenever someone asks "What lenses would work..." All we hear is F2.8, f1.4, and Zeiss. As I progressed through the D70, D80, D90, D700 I have seen my lenses get "better" with every new sensor platform.

While I do not disagree that what is best today wil continue to be best, I think it is too early to discount other lenses, if we do, then Nikon is really pulling a fast one by having the D800 obsoleting all other FX lenses (unlikely, but I do not totally discount that).

Having said all this, can't wait for my D800 and find out for myself


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