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Re: I joined the club - New NEX 5n user

Hello cnitram,

Yes that is correct. The Fujian is a CCTV lens, and it comes with a c-mount adaptor. The images that I have posted are all full frames and not cropped. The reason I chose the 35mm is because the 24mm apparently has heavy heavy vignetting in the images due to the smaller image circle.

There are many people out there who believe the SLR magic 35mm 1.7 is just a rebranded Fujian, that costs nearly 4 times the price as the Fujian.

The lens is great for what it's worth ($40AUD inc the c-mount adaptor) The images are only sharp in the centre, so if you are looking for edge to edge sharpness, forget it. However if you can deal with centre sharpness only, its a beauty of a lens for $40. The OOF areas make the images look a little like tilt shift at times.

Hope that answers your question.

cnitram wrote:

The Fujian 35mm 1.7 CCTV is a c-mount lens, is that correct?
And therefor for an 2/3" image circle?
Does ist really cover the aps-c image size? Or are the images sown crops?


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