D800 photos of various ISOs

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Re: D800 photos of various ISOs

dave veneri wrote:

Again, im not talking about camera A at 12MP and camera B at 36MP both on the same size full frame sensor. Just a direct comparison between a med. format sensor and a 35mm sensor. I was always under the impression that a bigger sensor with BIGGER pixels would always look better than a smaller sensor with the same amt. of pixels. So there must be something about bigger pixels at 100%......

While it's true that the bigger sensor will generally yield better IQ than the smaller sensor, it's not the size of the pixels that is the critical difference. It's the size of the sensor itself. When you're using a bigger sensor (or bigger film), you're capturing more light (and information) and then magnifying the image captured by the sensor (or film) less compared to the smaller sensor/film. Less magnification means less visible noise and more apprarent detail.

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