D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: I like the 18-55VR

JakeB wrote:

So let me get this straight.

There are people on this forum who are going to buy (or at least say they will) a $3000 camera which will produce 36.3 mp photographs --- and they're trying to figure out how cheap they can go on the glass???

Other people buy $8000 telephoto lenses and use them with a $1000 camera. What were they thinking? Oh yes, the 500 f/4 won't fit on a 80MP Phase One camera while the D7000 gives them more reach than a D3s or D3x.

It makes perfect sense to buy a D800 first and later add the lenses. Firstly your lenses will give more detail than on any previous camera you owned. Secondly you can judge how the new lens will perform on the high res sensor only if you already have the camera. Some flaws will be hidden on a D700 but show on a D800.

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