How Canon can compete against the D800

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Re: 135MB RAW files is!

altair8800 wrote:

If Canon just used the pixel density of the 7D, full frame would be 46Mp.

I saw a report a while back (not confirmed) about a Canon sensor prototype with 50Mp at 1D size, which at that density would give 32Mp APS-c and 83Mp FF. We can hope.


You should ask yourself the following two questions:

"Am I willing to cope with 135MB RAW files?"

"Is my computer able to handle 500 to 1000x 135MB RAW files and how long would it take them to process?"

100MB to 135MB thats the expected RAW file size for a 46 to 50MP camera using 14-bit.

It will be a pain to get those files processed fast as many computers will need to be upgraded. Also 128GB CF cards are still very expensive, and in the case of 128GB CF cards you want two, as you don't want to get stuck halfway through a photo assignment due to failure of one card.

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