New Zeiss Distagon 25/2 vs Summicron 28/2

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Re: Not a fair comparison...

Well, this post on the site was a follow up to an earlier post about the Zeiss lens. When we used the lens for actual work we felt a bit disappointed, so we decided to take some test shots and the we posted the results . We then had readers (from England) contacting us with questions. Was the fall-off in the corners really so big at 2.0? Was sharpness really not good at 2.0-2.8 etc?. We took some new images and added them to a new post, now also with an English translation. We, or I, haven't said that the purpose of the posts was tol compare the two lenses as alternatives to each other. We were simply disappointed with the quality of the Zeiss lens. One of my collegues took some images with the Zeiss lens and a Canon 16-35/2.8 II zoom lens this morning and the results are still the same. Images taken at 2.0 och 2.8 with the Zeiss Distagon 2/25 ZE don't look good. There's a lack of sharpness and the fall-off in the corners is way to big at 2.0 for a lens in this price category. We still believe that there might be some construction malfunction to our copy of the lens and we have talked with the guys that provided the lens to us (actually, they sold it to us). As for now, I don't know if we get a new lens or not.

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