I know some of you think I am full of it . . .

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Re: I know some of you think I am full of it . . .


He's indeed great! Had the pleasure to attend a 2 days workshop organized from Photosi (Italy) where David, Bambi Cantrell and Flavio Bandiera were invited to share their experiences.

Most interesting part was when the 3 of them had to compete: shooting the same 3 couples in the same 3 locations with 3 hrs (1 hour for each couple/location). Very very interesting results, amazing to see their different point of view and sometimes completely different output with the same locations and same couples.

Honestly, i liked most Flavio Bandiera (the link below contains the pictures from that shoot exactly) but that's a personal preference; i'm not in the status of judging who's best.

The thing with David's work is that he puts the couple as a complementary item in the picture; for him the background/foreground/ambient/shadows/forms/reflections come first and the couple second. This kind of work, to me, although being conceptually brilliant and a visual delight, lacks a bit the emotion that a wedding picture should trigger when viewed years after, something which surely should be at max when looking at a wedding album.

A very important advice i took from his speech was the 50/50 rule: 50% of the time shoot for the couple and 50% of the time shoot for yourself - the only way to experiment, try new things and come up with 'out of ordinary' work.

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