Canons Painful Pricing 1DX and new lens intros.

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Re: Canons Painful Pricing 1DX and new lens intros.

Peter 13 wrote:

Sigma is a Japanese manufacturer as well but their lens prices stay under control and they come up with higher class lenses than before.

like all big companies, no doubt Canon, Nikon and Sigma use low cost production facilities somewhere else than Japan (remember what the Thai floods did for Nikon?), so that gives them (moneywise) more room to play with that just Y-$-EU exchange rates.

It is all marketing/sales strategy....

Should be said though that Sigma has some economy of scales advantage (same lens, jus different mounts) and C/N will always be able to charge a mark-up just for their brand name (wether that is justified is up to us )

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