re: anyone foud the way to block that pesky video-record button?

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Update: patch is a 2-punch knockout

I used a steel 5/16" (8mm) leather punch (see photo #1) to make a relatively clean cut in the original 7/16" (11mm) diameter disc. The cut was made using a scrap of 3/4" smooth plywood for backing.

I then cut a hole in the 5/16" (8mm) cut-out disc resulting from the first punch, using a cheap paper punch (see pic #1). The paper punch cut a 1/4" (6mm) hole, producing a clean donut ring to put around the 5N video button.

I used the large donut ring resulting from the first punch-out as a guard ring for the power button of my Oly C-8080 (see pic #2). Inadvertent shut-off of the C-8080 has been a pesky nuisance for a long time.

The measurements above are not precise.

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