Canons Painful Pricing 1DX and new lens intros.

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Re: Canons Painful Pricing 1DX and new lens intros.

Mike K wrote:

Anastigmat wrote:

The 5DMKIII faces stiff competition from the Nikon D800.

Agree fully that Nikon has placed a stake in the sand with the D800 and its up to Canon to come close or eventually loose system sales. The feature set of the Nikon 800 is pretty impressive for a $3000 body, I can only imagine that they are cutting the retail cost and hope to make up the margin with lens sales.

I fully agree!

I have just cut the rope and made the decision to switch brands (or go dual brand for a while). I was on a pre-order list for the 1D X comming from a 5D2. To me speed is not important for my style of shooting, whereas detail is more important then high ISO.

Cancelled that order because for less money I could buy D800 + 24-70mm 2.8 + 70-200mm VR 2.8 including a SB910 Flash.

Changing system is now extremely cheap, even if you have a lot of Canon glass (that is if you were in for the 1D X anyway). If I where to buy the 1D X and the new 24-70, that would have set me back 6800+2500 (- 850 due to selling the mark I) => $8450,00 that I needed to spend.

For that money I can even add the 14-24 to the list mentioned above. Which is a complete set.

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