How awesome would a D7000-FX be?

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Re: How awesome would a D7000-FX be?

It certainly would.

But there would be an $800 window for Nikon to work with.

It's also not like you're estimating price from zero.

If you want to consider the extra cost of those components, you also have to consider the amount saved by not using the components already inside the D7000.

For example (and these are entirely arbitrary numbers - I have no idea what the price actually is):

D7000 components: APS-C sensor + mirror + shutter + screen + pentaprism cost $500

D7000-FX components: FX sensor+ mirror + shutter + screen + pentaprism cost $1000

The difference is only $500.

As far as 2K, it's certainly possible. You can grab a 5D MKII for $2K.

Maybe Nikon will drop the D700 to $2K.

Patco wrote:
The larger sensor of your "D7000-FX" would need:
Larger mirror assembly
Larger shutter mechanism
Larger focus screen
Larger pentaprism viewfinder assembly
All those items, not simply the sensor, add a lot to the cost.

Looks to me like you would basically end up with a D700/800, no?

Vicariousgeorge wrote:

So other than sensor (which includes the bigger, brighter VF), what is it missing compared to the D700?

It has:

  • dual card slots

  • commander for CLS

  • two edials

  • dedicated buttons

  • faster FPS

  • etc...

Honestly, what main feature is the D7000 missing that cripples it as compared to an FX camera?

For example, the D3100 only has one edial, and a lot of the settings are buried in menus. This would obviously impede efficiency in a pro environment.

TFergus wrote:

Vicariousgeorge wrote:


The D7000 has just about every single feature that the "pro" level FX cameras have - except the FX sensor.

Then you need to look closer at pro level FX cameras.

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