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Re: The real limitation is....

richard stone wrote:

The DP Cameras are (so far) fixed focal length cameras, with superior performance to interchangeable sensor cameras in terms of image quality, and a more compact size, in general terms. That is the premise and it may be the reality.

Now, if you need or want an interchangeable lens "system" camera, or if you do not like the focal length of the lens on the cameras, then a DP camera is not what you want.

If you do not care about, or do not believe in the claim of, better image quality from the Foveon sensor and the fixed lens, then the DP cameras would hold little appeal.

Or if, for some reason, you want an articulated screen, if you evaluate cameras mainly in terms of high ISO performance, or if you do not believe in Sigma, for whatever reason, sensible or not, then one has further reasons to buy another type of camera or another camera brand.

None of this has any significance on how good an image the DP cameras produce. Which is very good, if the current models are any guide. But one reason there are so many models and brands of cameras is because people have different ideas of what is important and what their needs are. To blindly say that one camera brand is better (or worse) for all purposes and in all ways makes no sense at all. Even Holgas have their place. As do Leicas.

As I have heard it expressed, it is impossible to reason (or argue) someone out of a position they were not reasoned (or argued) into. And of course these wants and needs are things that are felt or wanted, not entirely a matter of reason. One can make some exception in terms of professional photographers where one would hope to assume the desires for equipment are rational, but even then the choice of subject matter and customers and marketing and opportunity leads inexorably to the choice of certain types of cameras and equipment to suit those needs.

This was an excellent post Richard!

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