Minolta 24-105mm f3.5-4.5 (D)

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Re: Minolta 24-105mm f3.5-4.5 (D)

Hi I have this lens and have used it for many years on Minolta Dynax 7, great lens, great bokeh and colours. To keep costs down, I bought the Sony A77 body only thinking I could get away with using the 24-105 for sometime.

In reality what I have found is that its not short enough of course. So for every day photography if I put on the 24-105 (on A77 it is 36-157ish) I find myself swapping it for my old minolta 50 2.8 macro for portrait & macro photography pretty quickly. For landscape i find myself ditching the camera lens altogether and going back to my old Nikon D200 with 12-24 f4. I haven't done any sports photography recently to see if the zoom range would suit there, but i'm guessing it will be too short. So its a lens with range well suited to FF.

So ultimately my take is I need to buy either the 16-50 2.8 or the Zeiss 16-80, which in itself is a difficult decision, ie do i go for bokeh or reach??

Or bigger question, I bought the A77 to use with old Minolta gear and have not been happy with the speed of the camera and have to buy new glass anyway, thinking of ditching the camera and going back to Nikon entirely.

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