D800 vs D4 - VIDEO MODE : a few thoughts

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Re: NEW VIDEOS - Daylight comparison, D800 3200 ISO video

Yea, saw the moire in the building panning also... It is OK, but present.
No fast panning indeed, so hard to determinate if jello effect is there.

I have no clue if the guys post true videos or not, but the comparison was uploaded yesterday and their website seems professional, I guess they are.

Finally, indeed, no explanation if they used any crop mode. It appears that, when hitting the video mode on the D4, that the 2.7 crop is set by default on the camera. Then, you can choose a wider setting if wanted. I guess that the 2.7 crop will be specially helpful to get clean results when shooting repeated patterns such as city scapes or when good depth of field is needed, for out of focus close up shots of actors, any mode will do the job. The only problem with 2.7 magnification is the zoom factor on wide angle lenses.

rockjano wrote:


Look at the moire at 0:53 window pattern middle building.
Not that bad but there is moire.

I don't see a lot of jelly effect but they did not moved the cam vary fast.

Now the question is are these made with full sensor?? No cropping??

How about some DX crops?

And how is the 1:1 crop with the D4 (2,7X 1920x1080) where every video pixel is one sensor pixel so theoretically there is no need for downsampleing and maybe no moire???

That would be interesting!!! Of course there could be no comparison between the two cams

Some people in the comments say that it is fake, how they could got the cam's before release??? Good question...

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