How awesome would a D7000-FX be?

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Re: How awesome would a D7000-FX be?

So other than sensor (which includes the bigger, brighter VF), what is it missing compared to the D700?

It has:

  • dual card slots

  • commander for CLS

  • two edials

  • dedicated buttons

  • faster FPS

  • etc...

Honestly, what main feature is the D7000 missing that cripples it as compared to an FX camera?

For example, the D3100 only has one edial, and a lot of the settings are buried in menus. This would obviously impede efficiency in a pro environment.

TFergus wrote:

Vicariousgeorge wrote:


The D7000 has just about every single feature that the "pro" level FX cameras have - except the FX sensor.

Then you need to look closer at pro level FX cameras.

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