How awesome would a D7000-FX be?

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Re: How about a D3100 FX for $1000?


What an awesome response.

There is almost a $2000 gap in their current product line-up.

The D3100 is geared toward beginners as a low price entry level model. The D7000 isn't.

Wellington100 wrote:

I am serious as well. An FX sensor costs around $500 so why not plonk one into a D3100 body and add $500 to the cost of the camera.

Vicariousgeorge wrote:


The D7000 has just about every single feature that the "pro" level FX cameras have - except the FX sensor.

If Nikon tossed a full frame sensor in the D7000, and kept everything else exactly the same, the camera would sell like hotcakes at $2000.

I highly doubt the sensor cost difference between an APS-C and FX is anywhere near $800, but that would still be the perfect price point.

Then they would have perfect market separation at each price point.

D7000 $1200
D7000-FX $2000
D800 $3000
D4 $6000

Of course this might cannibalize some sales of the D800, but I think that there is a justifiable difference in HD video capability, not to mention the 36MP sensor, that both models would be extremely successful. To ensure that there wouldn't be too much cannibalization, Nikon could use leftover 12MP D700 sensors for the D7000-FX.

Or they could continue to make the D700, and drop the price to $2000 (just like Canon did with the 5D MKII).

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