D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: D800 - best budget lenses?

dominikov wrote:

windsprite wrote:

Read the thread. You are wrong, and the OP knows what he is doing.


Julie, I wasn't specifically directing those comments at the OP. I'm talking about anyone who buys this camera and then compromises on glass.

It doesn't make sense.

If you're going to compromise anywhere, it should be with the camera body and not the lenses. Every optical defect will be apparent at 36mp, not to mention technique, lighting, etc. all has to be perfect to make use of it.

Otherwise all you've paid $3000 for is a camera that produces large files.

Everything is a compromise in some fashion. However, I take exception to the idea that larger more expensive lenses will necessarily be much better than smaller less expensive alternatives. Indeed, in some scenarios, the smaller lenses may even offer better quality. This thread is about finding them.

And of course it's worth remembering that the pro lenses everybody suggests are also compromises in their own fashion. Some are optimized for flexibility in framing (zoom), some for close focus (ironically not the 105/2.8 micro), some for wide aperture (the 24/1.4 is edged by the 17-35/2.8 at 24mm for sharpness).

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