How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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Re: Seth.... the EP3 is only cheaper if....

Well Micro technology has been making giant steps, so that explains the rate of the upgrade, but when the main failings have been adressed one should take a step aside.

It takes me about a year to familiarise with a camera. The E-620 I had was about perfect when Oly decided it would have no small primes. Now I hope that the OM-D line will stay for a long time, and that people will take the time to choose their lenses wisely, there are so many.

I am not into sports photography so my Pens really cover most of what I need.

One unsung feature of the E-M5 though is the 100,000 shutter life.

Perhaps Oly engineers are not crazy and don't assume we are going to throw away a camera after 6 months.

I decided to have two Pens because one failed - the PL1 -with stuck blades after only 18 months. It was replaced for free, but it left me with some sour taste anyway.

I hope that the trend is changing and that consumers will pretend more durable goods, even if they cost a bit more. I am curious to see how long my E-P2 and the E-P3 will last. the PL series might have a shorter shutter life, alas.


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