D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: D800 - best budget lenses?

John Motts wrote:

Why do you need to look at 100%?

Why is everyone so obsessed with looking at files, in effect, through a microscope? It's what they they look like in actual use that matters.

When they're to be looked at on screen they don't need to be zoomed in to such an extreme degree.

When they're to be printed they don't need to be zoomed in to such an extreme degree. So what's the point?

A few possible reasons :

Poster prints which are likely to be viewed close up e.g. landscapes, architecture
36mp translates to just over 16x24" @ 300dpi

Extremely high res printing : 36Mp gives just over 8x12" @ 600dpi.

If the image is to be cropped significantly before printing the extra resolution may be needed. e.g. cropping from "landscape" to "portrait" resolution gives you around 18Mp which is still enough for a good sized sharp print.

Funnily enough huge prints like billboards don't need huge resolution as they are viewed from so far away. They are commonly printed at around 6Mp which is very roughly the same resolution as the human eye.

For on screen use lower resolutions are generally fine.

For most people though its a matter of knowing you have the best gear which allows you to crop and print with more flexibility than say a D700 - even though 98% of the time 12Mp is fine.

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