How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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Re: How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

Honestly, Olympus has just became so dumb with their model lines.

The EP3, EPM1, and EPL3 are all basically the same camera with some design shifts and ridiculous price differences for those design shifts.

The new OM is definitely the best deal. The EP3 was always overpriced- it's essentially a Panasonic GF1 or GF2 at a much higher price. The EPL3 was always the cheaper option, but without any significant upgrades from the original EPL1, the refurbished and on sale older EPL models have been stealing the "cheaper" thunder. And the EPM1 was for point and shoot upgraders, but honestly it's just another revision of a cheap EPL1.

Olympus needs to get rid of some model lines- they're not doing anyone a favor.

The new OM proves how overpriced the eP3 is, and since the price of the EP3 has to go down, so do the prices of their other models. But they don't want to do that- so just get rid of some of the model lines, and then they can keep the EP3 at a reasonable price for both customers and themselves

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