How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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Re: Seth.... the EP3 is only cheaper if....


You sound like you are desperately trying to convince yourself that the EM5 is the perfect camera. Or maybe you are just unrealistically excited over the marketing hype. Either way, I just wanted to attempt to bring you back to earth for a second.

Your feature/upgrade list is flawed. I can't speak to the Ep3 because I don't own one, but I think the 3rd generation pens all have pretty similar features. I know for sure that my Epl3 has the following...

Metal body (magnesium alloy maybe, but def. all metal)
Tilt screen (Ep3 has a touch screen)
Autofocus assist lamp

And that doesn't even take into account your overglorification of the sensor performance, 5 axis stabilization and video performance. We don't know anything about this yet, and you already seem to believe it's all flawless. I have a sinking feeling that 5 axis is going to be much maligned in the coming months.

So guys like you can take the risk of early adoption, and pay full price for a camera that may or may not be any better than the GH2, or even the latest pen series. The rest of us will use our heads and upgrade when the proof is in, and it makes sense. Right now a proven twelve megapixel camera with a rebate trumps all the hype of a first generation product, in my opinion. Calling the 12 megapixel pens "obsolete" is just ignorant.

I am all for excitement, but excitement mixed with common sense.

Marty4650 wrote:

  • you don't want weather sealing

  • you don't want a magnesium alloy body

  • you don't want a better sensor

  • you don't want better dynamic range

  • you don't want any sort of EVF

  • you don't want any type of tilt screen

  • you don't want a touch screen

  • you don't want the choice of 5 aspect ratios

  • you don't want a better lens

  • you don't want the ability to select from ISO 200 – 25,600

  • you don't want faster AF with 3D tracking

  • you don't want an autofocus assist lamp

  • you don't want better video

  • you don't want a flash synch speed of 1/250 second

  • you don't want 5 axis IBIS

  • you don't want 9fps continuous shooting rate (3 times faster than EP3)

  • you don't want the styling

  • you don't want the option of using a battery grip

  • you don't want the ability to use an EVF and a flash simultaneously

  • you don't want a better processing engine

  • you don't want more resolution

In that case.... you are absolutely right. It really is cheaper to buy an EP3.
Amazon will sell you an EP3 plus 14-42mm lens for $849, and
Amazon will sell you an EM5 plus 14-42mm lens for $1099

So you will save exactly $250 but you will be giving up all of the things listed above.

But why stop there?

If your goal is to spend less, and get a lot less in return, then why not just buy an EPM1 plus 14-42mm lens?

Amazon will sell you an EPM1 plus 14-42mm lens for $424!

You could save $675 and get essentially the exact same image quality as the EP3 would give you.

You really are comparing apples and oranges here. The OM-D is a newer and better camera with more features than the EP3. It should cost $500 more, not $250 more.

There are some good reasons to prefer the EP3, like "I prefer using an LCD screen" or "I like the styling better" or "I prefer the ergonomics" or "I hate flip screens" but the fact that it costs a little less than an EM5, while delivering a lot less, doesn't seem like a logical reason.

Just buying a VF2 removes the entire $250 cost savings!
(assuming you consider having an EVF as an good thing)

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