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Re: The resolution limit is way out there...

Ray Ritchie wrote:

Peter 13 wrote:

Moire is a form of aliasing. What you suggest will change the way the "artifacts" look but it will not eliminate them. The problem is not only having two periodic structures - it is having a signal with a high frequencies exceeding those of the sampling, even if the sampling is not strictly periodic.

I understand what you're saying - but I don't think you understand what I was suggesting. I'm not saying you can eliminate the aliasing this way; I'm saying that going to a slightly aperiodic sampling matrix might mask the aliasing, making it look more like white noise. What makes moire so annoying is, in fact, its periodic structure, which makes it pop out to the eye. A second big aliasing problem is false color, which may be a problem that could be diminished by a more random CFA pattern, as someone hinted a couple of posts above.

I understood what you said. What you suggest will still create aliasing - not so well structured (with periodic or almost periodic structures) but still ugly. It is called Nonuniform Periodic Sampling , BTW.

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