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wymjym wrote:

DS21 wrote:

Why would that be if not for something was changed in XS-1 production, which started much later then X10's. If the orbs where depending on the amount of light lens gets through, reducing the aperture would mitigate them, but mostly it does not.

as stated before...less light through the lens!

No, DS21 is right. Just reducing the aperture won't help to eliminate or reduce the severity of the orbs. The total amount of light reaching the sensor needs to be reduced, such as by increasing the ISO or adding -EC. If metering controls the exposure and the aperture is reduced (in Aperture Priority mode), the camera slows the shutter speed, insuring that the same amount of light reaches the sensor.

I compared my XS1 serial number with some others.....same manufacturing date, etc as another one that shows those nice big round things (aka ORBS) I haven't shot a wide open evening scene with bright street lights but I'm pretty confident that if I try I could get some orbies....the difference is I need to really try to get them with the XS1, with X10 no matter what I do...they are present and accounted for.

Now's the time to save some of DPR's current X10 images to compare with the ones that will accompany the X10 review. That would answer the question "Did DPR simply wait for the updated v1.03 firmware to use in the same camera, or did Fujifilm give them an X10 fresh off the production line that includes the updated firmware?" If it's the latter, then the results they get in the Orb Hunt section of the review may not be representative of what most current X10 owners will be able to get, and that information may help some X10 owners return cameras that were kept too long or to get Fuji to repair/exchange them. If DPR provides that information in the review, so much the better.

Considering that Fuji normally charges well over $100 to replace the sensor/lens assemblies of cheaper cameras, if I owned an X10 I would give Fuji a break and not demand a free repair/exchange, and would feel that paying $50 to fix Fuji's mistake would be more than fair. This would be a "speed bump" high enough to keep most of the "I never have problems with orbs" owners from sending their X10's back to Fuji, if they were really being honest and not making that claim for effect.

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