Need advise on backing up my computer

Started Feb 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
scrambler2 Contributing Member • Posts: 694
Re: Need advise on backing up my computer

No Programs would not be backed up with your data (documents pictures...). Programs would be backup with the full disk image backup together with the operating system.

Given program do not change except for updates that can always be re applied, there no need anyway to back them up on a regular basis.

So again to summarize:

One full system image backup of the OS and all program to restore your computer in case of a total disk loss. This can be done at large intervall, like monthly.

One backup of all your personal data (documents, pictures videos...) done at small intervall like daily.

If you loose your disk, you can restore the system using the full system image backup (OS + programs). Then update/restore your latest content with your daily data backup

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